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Knowing which benefits are available can provide peace of mind

Workers in all industries in Kansas face risks of suffering on-the-job injuries. However, some occupations are considerably more dangerous than others, with employees facing life-changing or potentially fatal injuries every day. They may find comfort in knowing that the workers' compensation insurance system will be there to provide financial help if such an unfortunate incident should jeopardize their ability to care for their families.

If you are working in the construction, mining or another hazardous industry, you might have questions about the workers' compensation benefits to which you will be entitled if you should suffer a debilitating injury. Knowing the facts might give you enough peace of mind to focus on your safety.

Proper safety training may keep you out of the hospital

Strict measures are put in place by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to prevent industrial accidents that could lead to injuries and death. However, violations are prevalent because some employers continue to prioritize profits over employee welfare. Fractures, sprains and strains, and open wounds, along with catastrophic injuries from falls frequently occur in industrial facilities across Kansas.

If you work in a factory, you might have realized that proper safety training can limit the number of injuries you and your coworkers suffer. OSHA provides training guidelines for business owners to help with teaching employees how to recognize safety hazards and how to protect themselves from harm.

The vital role of safety training in the workplace

Every industry has associated safety hazards, and while construction, trucking and logging rate among the most hazardous occupations, workers in industrial facilities, such as factories, meat processing plants and the like, face life-threatening dangers every day. The list of risks in industrial setups is endless, ranging from slip-and-fall accidents to amputations or electrocutions. While every business owner has a responsibility to protect the safety and health of his or her employees, many unfortunately prioritize profits.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) prescribes strict safety regulations, and your employers must ensure compliance. However, if you leave it solely up to them to protect you from harm, you may be at the highest risk.

Workers' compensation: not just for accident-related injuries

As an employee in Kansas, you may be aware of the fact that your employer likely carries workers' compensation insurance. You may know that the intent of this is to ensure care and provide compensation if an employee suffers an injury in a workplace accident, but it also covers occupational illnesses as well. This law means you could have a valid claim if you became ill due to your job requirements or toxic exposure.

Occupational illnesses are a serious threat to the well-being of individuals who face dangerous exposure at work. Workers' compensation benefits cover these types of sicknesses, as well as workplace accident injuries. If you believe that your health issues are a result of your job, you have no time to lose in learning how you can protect your rights.

If You've Been Injured at Work Do These 5 Things

If you have ever been injured at work, the workers' compensation process can seem overwhelming. However, even if you don't know what to do, your employer does. Make sure to involve your supervisor and Human Resources department early and often so they can guide you through the process.

Your Voice In the Justice System

In America today, we live in fear that our rights are being stripped from us one by one. Politics has become big business and so corrupt that it seems no one has our interests at heart, not even our elected officials. It is one big reality show in which all the players are competing to see who can be the most outrageous and get the highest ratings. This circus has led many of us to become cynical, angry and scared. We feel isolated and far removed from the decision makers. We believe there is nothing we can do as an individual to make a difference in the system, that we have no voice. As a lawyer, I hear over and over again from clients that the system is corrupt and therefore, they have come to resent the political and justice systems in America. They don't want to participate in the system because they can't make a difference. However, our founding fathers put their faith in our political and legal systems and designed them to endure the test of time. Our forefathers knew that in order for democracy to succeed, the citizens of the United States must be participants in that democracy.

Why You Should Care About PIP Coverage

Everyone knows that they must obtain automobile liability insurance to drive a car legally in the state of Kansas and in every state in America. But did you also know that in Kansas we have something called Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits? When I meet with people who have been injured in an automobile accident, I will often hear them say, Kansas is a "no fault" state. They believe that somehow this prevents them from being able to recover for their injuries, even if someone else is at fault in causing the accident. The truth is that PIP coverage is what allows you to get immediate treatment and wage replacement while you are recovering from your injuries and waiting to receive a fair settlement for those injuries caused by the negligence of another.

How can root-cause analysis protect workers?

As an employee in Kansas, how many times have you or your colleagues had near misses in which you could have lost your lives if something had happened a moment sooner or later, or if you had taken one more step? Safety advisors believe business owners can eliminate many hazards in the workplace by studying these incidents. Root-cause analysis is the process of determining the origin of the near-miss incident and then including appropriate precautions in the company's safety protocols to prevent repetitions.

Not only can this process save the company money by potentially avoiding costly claims and lost production, but it can also save the lives of employees or prevent debilitating injuries. Too many families suffer the consequences of preventable workplace accidents that take the lives of their loved ones or send them home with permanent disabilities.

Injured at work? Get the care you need when you need it.

Are you one of the many Kansas residents who has suffered an injury while on the job? If you were at work when you were injured, you may be entitled to access workers' compensation benefits, which can cover the cost of treatment, provide income while you recover and even cover disability expenses (if applicable).

Sadly, there are numerous individuals who have been injured on the job who let compensation pass them by simply because they fail to report the injury in the allotted time frame. Do not let that happen to you. Get the care you need, when you need it, by reporting the injury and applying for benefits as soon as you are able.

Can hackers hijack trucks and cause accidents?

Technology has long been one of the strongest tools that hackers and other troublemakers have at their disposal. As more and more vehicles add technology such as automated computer systems and even automated driving systems, they become more vulnerable to hackers.

Though long-distance hijacking is not a widespread problem yet, it is certainly a possibility for the future. So how would hackers do it?

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