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What every Kansas worker should know about workers' compensation

As a Kansas worker, it is prudent for you to know how to protect your rights in the event that you experience an injury in the workplace. You may know that you have the right to workers' compensation benefits, but you may be unsure of how you can actually go about getting the benefits you need and deserve.

Have your nursing duties led to serious back injuries?

Suffering from any type of pain can make it difficult to carry out necessary tasks. Even if the pain begins as relatively minor, it could worsen if you participate in the same activities that initially caused the aggravation. In some cases, you may not have the ability to avoid all actions that lead to potential injury and pain as they may come as part of your work-related duties.

Product recall concerns? Keep this information in mind

If you purchase a home improvement product, toy, household cleaner, motor vehicle or any other item made available for sale to consumers, you have every right to reasonably expect that every person and department involved in the manufacturing, distribution and sale of that product has adhered to all safety regulations. In short, when you pay money for something, it shouldn't cause you injury or illness when you use it under normal circumstances. Thousands of people in Kansas wind up in emergency rooms when defective products harm them.

The vital role of proper safety training in the workplace

Every industry has associated safety hazards, and while construction, trucking and logging rate among the most hazardous occupations, workers in industrial facilities, such as factories, meat processing plants and the like, face life-threatening dangers every day. The list of risks in industrial setups is endless, ranging from slip-and-fall accidents to amputations or electrocutions. While every business owner has a responsibility to protect the safety and health of his or her employees, many unfortunately prioritize profits.

Proper safety training may keep you out of the hospital

Strict measures are put in place by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to prevent industrial accidents that could lead to injuries and death. However, violations are prevalent because some employers continue to prioritize profits over employee welfare. Fractures, sprains and strains, and open wounds, along with catastrophic injuries from falls frequently occur in industrial facilities across Kansas.

Workers' compensation: not just for accident-related injuries

As an employee in Kansas, you may be aware of the fact that your employer likely carries workers' compensation insurance. You may know that the intent of this is to ensure care and provide compensation if an employee suffers an injury in a workplace accident, but it also covers occupational illnesses as well. This law means you could have a valid claim if you became ill due to your job requirements or toxic exposure.

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