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Wrongful Death Archives

Wrongful death suit blames Home Depot for tornado deaths

A federal court will decide whether the construction of a Home Depot store, about 30 miles from Pittsburg, contributed to the 2011 deaths of three members of the same family. A father and his two children, a 5-year-old and a toddler, were inside the store seeking shelter from a tornado, when the Joplin, Missouri, store's roof was ripped from the building. Falling concrete panel walls crushed and killed the family members and a Home Depot worker.

Kansas driver ran away after crash that killed 3, injured 2

Traffic accidents are over in seconds but the damage, heartache and suffering caused by them may last a lifetime. A vital, healthy person can be rendered dependent upon round-the-clock care. A Pittsburg family's source of emotional comfort and financial support may disappear when a loved one is incapacitated by an accident.

Kansas City family certain defective car caused relative’s death

All crash investigations are not conclusive. Investigators sometimes can’t piece together enough evidence or witness information to determine without a doubt how a fatal accident occurred. An accident without a reason is very hard on Kansas families who’ve lost a loved one. One reason surviving spouses, children and parents file wrongful death claims has nothing to do with jury awards for losses. Families also want to hear a responsible party accept blame for a tragedy that could have been avoided. Compensation and public acknowledgement of negligence allow survivors to move into the future with some satisfaction and comfort.

Kansas man who tried to flee fatal accident charged with murder

Pittsburg drivers who unintentionally or purposefully dismiss safety concerns may well face consequences for their behavior. This could mean being criminally punished and/or compensating personal injury or wrongful death plaintiffs.

Kansas middle school teacher fatally injured by a car

The emotional trauma following the sudden death of a spouse, child or parent often overshadows anything else for Pittsburg families. Unfortunately, the aftermath of a fatal accident also may create significant financial problems due to the loss of a wage earner's income. Moreover, the financial shortfall comes at a time when a family may be facing extraordinary expenses for funeral and medical costs.

Kansas man received 28-month term for fleeing fatal horse crash

When a Pittsburg civil court reviews a motor vehicle accident liability case, it considers a defendant's state of mind at the time of a victim's injury or death. The court wants to know whether a defendant cared about the victim's safety. Kansas drivers, whether they realize it or not, owe something to others on the road – a duty of care to prevent harm.

Pizza Hut sued over Kansas delivery driver’s hit-and-run

Some workers who require vehicles to perform their jobs can be under a lot of employer pressure. Cross-country truck drivers may be your first thought, but there are plenty of Kansas occupations where driving for a living is a necessity. One thing these employees all have in common is a deadline like a sales call, a pickup or a delivery.

Kansas sentence disappoints family of DUI crash victim

The resolution of criminal cases can be disappointing to Kansas families who've lost close relatives to the actions of thoughtless drivers. Even the harshest punishment cannot undo the damages of a fatal accident. Wrongful death claims in Pittsburg civil courts cannot reverse time, but families can gain financial comfort through damage awards.

SUV driver charged with homicide for rescuer's fatal accident

Reasons for traffic accidents seem straightforward until evidence tells a different story or adds a separate but critical chapter. Defendants in Pittsburg, Kansas, wrongful death claims are parties who may be held liable for negligent behavior. Sometimes, more than one defendant is responsible for a person's death.

Wrongful death claim faults Salina for Kansas girl's death

Pittsburg victims injured due to another person or party's carelessness may request compensation. Damages may be awarded whether an injury accident or wrongful death occurs in traffic, at work or on someone else's property. Defendants in accident cases may be individuals, companies or even governments.

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