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Car Accidents Archives

Victim's family disheartened by Kansas court's sentence

Criminal prosecutors are bound by evidence. A defendant can be acquitted without lock tight proof of criminal involvement. Some families of Kansas accident victims are shocked when a negligent or reckless driver walks free, receives reduced charges or suffers a light punishment.

$2.6 million award on hold for Kansas woman in government case

Taking a government to court is very different than making a claim against a civilian. Procedures to file liability claims follow separate rules. In addition, many states have capped amounts plaintiffs can receive from a jury award.

Kansas plea deal allows DUI driver to avoid admission of fault

Not every at-fault driver is charged with a crime following a Kansas motor vehicle accident. When authorities do bring charges, defendants may be convicted and punished without acknowledging blame. A no contest plea is a defendant's acceptance of penalties based on evidence strongly favoring a conviction, but the accused party never has to admit guilt.

Kansas Good Samaritan critically hurt while helping motorist

The ability to multi-task is considered an admirable trait. Unfortunately, many Kansas residents take that valuable skill and apply it while operating a motor vehicle. Drivers are expected to remain attentive because when you miss something happening in traffic, your own life and the lives of others are endangered.

Texting laws blur when Kansas drivers cross state lines

Kansas City is bisected by a state border. Drivers who routinely pass back and forth between the two states are subject to texting and driving laws that are diametrically opposed. In Kansas, texting while driving is illegal, but across the eastern state line, all drivers other than novices are free to text when they like.

Kansas City halts police chases after second fatality this year

Mindful of public safety, many law enforcement agencies develop strict policies for police pursuits. Some police departments feel it is worth letting a non-violent criminal get away rather than risk a citizen's injury or death in a car accident. Between 2007 and last year, Kansas City, Kansas, police conducted more than 2,600 police pursuits that caused four deaths.

Driver may have passed out before fatal Kansas crash

Drivers may be responsible for a motor vehicle accident, but liability can be shared when an at-fault party drives for a living. Employers are accountable for the competency of the drivers they hire. A Pittsburg company's failure to monitor a driver's record, health condition and performance might lead to blame.

Kansas man denied release to probation after fatal car wreck

Drugs do not necessarily have to be illegal for them to have a huge impact on a person's life. A man who suffered a work-related injury to his back then became addicted to painkillers in Kansas as he tried to recover. While he was driving under the influence of these drugs, he was involved in a head-on collision with another vehicle. His truck drove over the centerline, veering sharply out of its own lane, and slammed into a sedan coming the other direction. By the time that authorities could get to the scene of the accident, the man in the sedan had died.

Kansas City driver charged for fatality during police pursuit

There was a time, before the Kansas Tort Claims Act, when the state was immune from all civil actions. Today, the state government can be liable for negligence in select circumstances. Section 75: 61-64 of the statute also limits the damage amounts plaintiffs can collect in liability lawsuits and exceptions to the state statute.

$51 million suit filed for Kansas men injured in pedicab crash

When you hear about accident claims, damage requests may sound large, even excessive. Consider the costs of medical care for a severe injury. A single, complex surgery may cost tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars, not to mention the expenses for an extended hospital stay.

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