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Your Voice In the Justice System

In America today, we live in fear that our rights are being stripped from us one by one. Politics has become big business and so corrupt that it seems no one has our interests at heart, not even our elected officials. It is one big reality show in which all the players are competing to see who can be the most outrageous and get the highest ratings. This circus has led many of us to become cynical, angry and scared. We feel isolated and far removed from the decision makers. We believe there is nothing we can do as an individual to make a difference in the system, that we have no voice. As a lawyer, I hear over and over again from clients that the system is corrupt and therefore, they have come to resent the political and justice systems in America. They don't want to participate in the system because they can't make a difference. However, our founding fathers put their faith in our political and legal systems and designed them to endure the test of time. Our forefathers knew that in order for democracy to succeed, the citizens of the United States must be participants in that democracy.

One of those rights given to us by our founding fathers, in which we as ordinary citizens can make a real impact, is the right to trial by jury found in the 6th Amendment and 14th amendment of the Bill of Rights. It is a right of every American to receive a trial by jury and the duty of every American to carry out that right. When we receive the notice in the mail, the first thing most of us think is, how can I get out of this? Or, I don't have time to serve. Or, I can't miss work. Even I, a lawyer, have contemplated how I can escape the bonds of jury duty when I see the notice in the mail. But If you serve on a jury, you will have the very important job of determining the rights of another citizen. What you say goes. In Kansas, when you and 11 of your peers decide if someone is guilty or innocent, your verdict will allow that person to walk free or be sent to jail. If you are selected to sit on a civil jury, you and 9 of the 12 people serving on the jury have to agree as to who is right in a dispute and how much money, if any, should be awarded.

The jury system is the backbone of American justice. As a juror, you take an oath to serve as an officer of the Court to follow and uphold the law. A juror applies the law of the state and community to render a decision. Lawyers rely on you to tell them what doesn't make sense about the law or what part of the law was unclear or wasn't proven. Your verdict can also send a message to lawmakers about how the law should change. Your decision has an immediate impact on other citizens in your community and in certain cases, a long-lasting effect in shaping the law.

Anyone who is qualified to vote in Kansas is qualified to become a juror. No one should be disqualified by lack of education or socioeconomic status. Jurors are an important player in the American system of justice. That makes you an important player in the American system of justice. Our voices are heard in the jury verdict that is rendered. So, thank you for your service and keep up the good work!

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