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June 2017 Archives

A rejected workers' comp claim doesn't deny your right to appeal

If you are a member of the Kansas workforce, you are entitled to workers' compensation coverage. It is the responsibility of employers to obtain insurance coverage to provide financial relief for workplace injury victims -- regardless of whose fault it was. You may only file a lawsuit against your employer if your injury resulted from gross negligence by the company. However, the insurer does not authorize all claims, and if your claim is one that they decide to reject, you have the right to appeal.

Your Voice In the Justice System

In America today, we live in fear that our rights are being stripped from us one by one. Politics has become big business and so corrupt that it seems no one has our interests at heart, not even our elected officials. It is one big reality show in which all the players are competing to see who can be the most outrageous and get the highest ratings. This circus has led many of us to become cynical, angry and scared. We feel isolated and far removed from the decision makers. We believe there is nothing we can do as an individual to make a difference in the system, that we have no voice. As a lawyer, I hear over and over again from clients that the system is corrupt and therefore, they have come to resent the political and justice systems in America. They don't want to participate in the system because they can't make a difference. However, our founding fathers put their faith in our political and legal systems and designed them to endure the test of time. Our forefathers knew that in order for democracy to succeed, the citizens of the United States must be participants in that democracy.

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