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Kansas City family certain defective car caused relative�s death

All crash investigations are not conclusive. Investigators sometimes can’t piece together enough evidence or witness information to determine without a doubt how a fatal accident occurred. An accident without a reason is very hard on Kansas families who’ve lost a loved one. One reason surviving spouses, children and parents file wrongful death claims has nothing to do with jury awards for losses. Families also want to hear a responsible party accept blame for a tragedy that could have been avoided. Compensation and public acknowledgement of negligence allow survivors to move into the future with some satisfaction and comfort.

A Kansas City family has wondered a long time why a relative died in a 2008 single-vehicle accident. Police investigators had nothing definitive to tell the family about the death of the 23-year-old University of Kansas nursing student. The family had an answer that didn’t make sense. The summer before the crash, the student purchased a new Chevrolet Cobalt. As the student’s sister put it, they were “a Chevy family.” The girls’ father was a long-time employee of General Motors, the maker of the Cobalt. The deadly crash occurred on Interstate 635 just before Christmas. The car veered off the highway and crashed down onto another road below. The vehicle was completely destroyed. The nursing student never hit the brakes or, at least, the car never slowed down. Investigators found no skid marks. That fact stuck in the relatives’ minds. The surviving sibling was concerned something was wrong with her sister’s car. The family recently learned 2008 Chevy Cobalts were on a massive General Motors recall list; ignition switches in the cars could turn off spontaneously, shutting down the power to steer or brake. The family now believes they know why their loved one died. Injuries and deaths caused by car defects are the responsibility of auto manufacturers. A personal injury attorney can guide a dangerous product accident claim through the proper legal channels.

Source: KSHB TV, "Sister blames GM for deadly crash on I-635 near Kansas City," July 3, 2014.

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