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July 2014 Archives

Victim's family disheartened by Kansas court's sentence

Criminal prosecutors are bound by evidence. A defendant can be acquitted without lock tight proof of criminal involvement. Some families of Kansas accident victims are shocked when a negligent or reckless driver walks free, receives reduced charges or suffers a light punishment.

$2.6 million award on hold for Kansas woman in government case

Taking a government to court is very different than making a claim against a civilian. Procedures to file liability claims follow separate rules. In addition, many states have capped amounts plaintiffs can receive from a jury award.

Kansas City family certain defective car caused relative’s death

All crash investigations are not conclusive. Investigators sometimes can’t piece together enough evidence or witness information to determine without a doubt how a fatal accident occurred. An accident without a reason is very hard on Kansas families who’ve lost a loved one. One reason surviving spouses, children and parents file wrongful death claims has nothing to do with jury awards for losses. Families also want to hear a responsible party accept blame for a tragedy that could have been avoided. Compensation and public acknowledgement of negligence allow survivors to move into the future with some satisfaction and comfort.

2 fatal work injuries among 3 Kansas City tree trimming deaths

Yard work is a chore many Pittsburg property owners choose to do themselves to save the expense of paying someone else to do it. Weeding, mowing and trimming are all part of the process, although some jobs like tree trimming are best left to the experts. Homeowners often don't realize how risky the work is.

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