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June 2014 Archives

Kansas motorcycle accident critically injures Carbondale rider

Motorcycles aren't invisible, but many Kansas drivers seem to treat them that way. Unlike people on foot and bicycles, which frequently are off the road or off to the side, motorcycles are smack dab in the middle of traffic. Other than gear, motorcyclists are unprotected and often suffer catastrophic injuries when drivers choose to disregard them.

Kansas man who tried to flee fatal accident charged with murder

Pittsburg drivers who unintentionally or purposefully dismiss safety concerns may well face consequences for their behavior. This could mean being criminally punished and/or compensating personal injury or wrongful death plaintiffs.

Kansas plea deal allows DUI driver to avoid admission of fault

Not every at-fault driver is charged with a crime following a Kansas motor vehicle accident. When authorities do bring charges, defendants may be convicted and punished without acknowledging blame. A no contest plea is a defendant's acceptance of penalties based on evidence strongly favoring a conviction, but the accused party never has to admit guilt.

Kansas middle school teacher fatally injured by a car

The emotional trauma following the sudden death of a spouse, child or parent often overshadows anything else for Pittsburg families. Unfortunately, the aftermath of a fatal accident also may create significant financial problems due to the loss of a wage earner's income. Moreover, the financial shortfall comes at a time when a family may be facing extraordinary expenses for funeral and medical costs.

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