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Kansas Good Samaritan critically hurt while helping motorist

The ability to multi-task is considered an admirable trait. Unfortunately, many Kansas residents take that valuable skill and apply it while operating a motor vehicle. Drivers are expected to remain attentive because when you miss something happening in traffic, your own life and the lives of others are endangered.

Two women suffered injuries in a recent Overland Park car accident. This was the second accident on the same morning for a 40-year-old Olathe woman. The driver was involved in a single-vehicle collision; her Ford Escort crashed into a median on Interstate 435.

Another driver noticed the accident on her way to work. The 24-year-old Overland Park woman pulled over and offered assistance. The two women were standing outside the wrecked car when a third vehicle approached.

The 26-year-old driver of a Ford Econoline van saw debris from the accident on the highway and swerved to miss it. The van veered into the Escort and the women, who were standing outside the wrecked vehicle. Both women were hospitalized with injuries.

The Good Samaritan is the daughter of a Hutchinson City official, who confirmed the victim was critically hurt. The father said his daughter was placed a medically-induced coma and scheduled to have multiple surgeries.The young woman suffered multiple fractures to her ribs, shoulder, collar bone and leg.

The father said it wasn't clear whether the van hit the pedestrians directly or caused the crashed Escort to strike the women. He stated his daughter had pulled her car off the road and turned on the vehicle's flashers before giving assistance. The parent said it was typical of his daughter to want to help someone in need.

A driver's time to react to sudden traffic changes can be seconds. A distracted driver devotes that valuable time to something less important. Inattentiveness while driving is negligent, because it increases the risk of harm for others on the road.

Source: The Hutchinson News, "City manager's daughter hit by van in Overland Park" Kathy Hanks, May. 25, 2014

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