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May 2014 Archives

Kansas Good Samaritan critically hurt while helping motorist

The ability to multi-task is considered an admirable trait. Unfortunately, many Kansas residents take that valuable skill and apply it while operating a motor vehicle. Drivers are expected to remain attentive because when you miss something happening in traffic, your own life and the lives of others are endangered.

Kansas road worker struck while flagging traffic on K-68

Pittsburg drivers are expected to adapt to changing traffic conditions, liking slowing down while driving through road construction areas. Highway workers often do their jobs just feet away from high-speed traffic; flaggers occupy even more precarious positions by standing on roadways. Signs and flaggers direct drivers to pass with care but not all motorists heed the warning.

Kansas work safety rating is 10th worst in the country

When Pittsburg employers bypass safety rules, it's not usually the decision makers of the company who are in danger. Some businesses feel safety isn't as much of a priority as deadlines and, ultimately, profits. Failure to take adequate safety measures creates opportunities for workplace accidents and worker injuries and deaths.

Texting laws blur when Kansas drivers cross state lines

Kansas City is bisected by a state border. Drivers who routinely pass back and forth between the two states are subject to texting and driving laws that are diametrically opposed. In Kansas, texting while driving is illegal, but across the eastern state line, all drivers other than novices are free to text when they like.

Kansas man received 28-month term for fleeing fatal horse crash

When a Pittsburg civil court reviews a motor vehicle accident liability case, it considers a defendant's state of mind at the time of a victim's injury or death. The court wants to know whether a defendant cared about the victim's safety. Kansas drivers, whether they realize it or not, owe something to others on the road – a duty of care to prevent harm.

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