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April 2014 Archives

Kansas City halts police chases after second fatality this year

Mindful of public safety, many law enforcement agencies develop strict policies for police pursuits. Some police departments feel it is worth letting a non-violent criminal get away rather than risk a citizen's injury or death in a car accident. Between 2007 and last year, Kansas City, Kansas, police conducted more than 2,600 police pursuits that caused four deaths.

Pizza Hut sued over Kansas delivery driver’s hit-and-run

Some workers who require vehicles to perform their jobs can be under a lot of employer pressure. Cross-country truck drivers may be your first thought, but there are plenty of Kansas occupations where driving for a living is a necessity. One thing these employees all have in common is a deadline like a sales call, a pickup or a delivery.

Heights hazards claim lives in cell tower workplace accidents

Nineteen out of 10,000 doesn't seem like a significant figure, until you learn the first number represents a loss of workers' lives. That's how many communications tower climbers in a relatively small U.S. workforce lost their lives since the beginning of 2013. Employees who install, repair and maintain cellphone towers have the most dangerous job in the country, according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Kansas sentence disappoints family of DUI crash victim

The resolution of criminal cases can be disappointing to Kansas families who've lost close relatives to the actions of thoughtless drivers. Even the harshest punishment cannot undo the damages of a fatal accident. Wrongful death claims in Pittsburg civil courts cannot reverse time, but families can gain financial comfort through damage awards.

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