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March 2014 Archives

Driver may have passed out before fatal Kansas crash

Drivers may be responsible for a motor vehicle accident, but liability can be shared when an at-fault party drives for a living. Employers are accountable for the competency of the drivers they hire. A Pittsburg company's failure to monitor a driver's record, health condition and performance might lead to blame.

SUV driver charged with homicide for rescuer's fatal accident

Reasons for traffic accidents seem straightforward until evidence tells a different story or adds a separate but critical chapter. Defendants in Pittsburg, Kansas, wrongful death claims are parties who may be held liable for negligent behavior. Sometimes, more than one defendant is responsible for a person's death.

Kansas man denied release to probation after fatal car wreck

Drugs do not necessarily have to be illegal for them to have a huge impact on a person's life. A man who suffered a work-related injury to his back then became addicted to painkillers in Kansas as he tried to recover. While he was driving under the influence of these drugs, he was involved in a head-on collision with another vehicle. His truck drove over the centerline, veering sharply out of its own lane, and slammed into a sedan coming the other direction. By the time that authorities could get to the scene of the accident, the man in the sedan had died.

Wrongful death claim faults Salina for Kansas girl's death

Pittsburg victims injured due to another person or party's carelessness may request compensation. Damages may be awarded whether an injury accident or wrongful death occurs in traffic, at work or on someone else's property. Defendants in accident cases may be individuals, companies or even governments.

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