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$51 million suit filed for Kansas men injured in pedicab crash

When you hear about accident claims, damage requests may sound large, even excessive. Consider the costs of medical care for a severe injury. A single, complex surgery may cost tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars, not to mention the expenses for an extended hospital stay.

A Pittsburg family's financial resources could be depleted in a short time, even with insurance. Civil claims give victims and their families the chance to recover past losses and prepare for future medical care.

Two Kansas friends suffered serious injuries while they were on a trip to see the Fiesta Bowl. The men were riding in a pedicab that was struck by a man driving under the influence of alcohol. Pedicabs are pedal-operated conveyances with three wheels.

The city that hosted the Fiesta Bowl was named with the pedicab business and the drunk driver in a $51 million liability lawsuit.

According to a report from, one accident victim suffered a serious spinal injury. His friend suffered head trauma, which so far has added up to over $2 million in medical bills. The head injury victim was placed in a rehabilitation facility indefinitely.

Officials have vehemently denied the city can be held responsible for the devastating accident. The plaintiffs' attorney believes the city delayed plans to enact pedicab safety rules. The city's pedicabs now must be licensed, insured and contain safety equipment - requirements that weren't in place before the collision.

The driver who caused the accident was sentenced last month to a four-year prison term on accident-related charges.

It's difficult to imagine the impact of a devastating injury upon a family. Not only do medical bills pile up, but tremendous personal sacrifice is often necessary. It's not unusual for families to suffer a double wage loss - the disappearance of a victim's income and the income from a relative who gives up a career to become a full-time caregiver.

Source:, "Scottsdale target of multimillion dollar lawsuit in drunk driver, pedicab crash" Jason Volentine, Feb. 03, 2014

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