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February 2014 Archives

Kansas City driver charged for fatality during police pursuit

There was a time, before the Kansas Tort Claims Act, when the state was immune from all civil actions. Today, the state government can be liable for negligence in select circumstances. Section 75: 61-64 of the statute also limits the damage amounts plaintiffs can collect in liability lawsuits and exceptions to the state statute.

Summary judgment possible in Kansas woman’s wrongful death case

Determining fault is a complex job in a Pittsburg commercial vehicle accident, because responsibility can be spread over a number of defendants. A bus or truck may be driven by one person and employed by a company, a business which may or may not own the vehicle. A mechanical problem can stretch blame all the way back to the vehicle designer or manufacturer.

State report on Kansas City restaurant blast blames utility

While Pittsburg employers are responsible for the safety of workers, on-the-job accidents sometimes occur that cannot be blamed entirely on an employer. A factory employee injured while using a machine is covered under an employer's workers' compensation insurance. What if the cause of the injury is traced to a machine defect?

$51 million suit filed for Kansas men injured in pedicab crash

When you hear about accident claims, damage requests may sound large, even excessive. Consider the costs of medical care for a severe injury. A single, complex surgery may cost tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars, not to mention the expenses for an extended hospital stay.

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