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Jet ski crash claims the life of Kansas City man

Vacations are times many Kansas residents use to relax, experiment with new ways to have fun and, sometimes, bend or break the rules. The whole idea of vacation can be to let down your guard, but doing new or risky things in strange environments can be unsafe and even deadly.

A Kansas City man and his 15-year-old son were riding a jet ski along the Gulf of Mexico, when the father was involved in a collision with a rented boat. Reports said the violent impact knocked at least four people from the boat into the water. Several were hospitalized with undisclosed injuries, including a 12-year-old boy.

The crash severed the leg of the jet-skiing father below the knee. According to a witness, a woman from the rental boat had a heart attack after she worked to wrap a tourniquet around the injured jet skier's leg. The 54-year-old man later died from the injury.

Investigators believe the fatal boating accident involved alcohol. Reports were not clear about authorities' suspicions over which watercraft operator was intoxicated or at fault.

The teen, who had been jet skiing with his dad, told reporters the boat hit the jet ski as the father was making a right turn. Media coverage indicated the jet ski struck the rental boat.

Personal injury law deals with accountability. Defendants are charged with negligence or recklessness and it's up to plaintiffs' lawyers to show the claim is true.

Versions of an accident change, depending on a person's point of view. A case can be dependent upon physical evidence gathered by police and independent investigators, plus the survivor and witness statements.

A liability attorney helps plaintiffs investigate and sort out the facts. Once an assessment of damages is made, a complaint can be initiated for an injury or wrongful death claim. In some circumstances, a lawyer may advise that a settlement is preferable to a jury trial.

Source: WINK News, "Jet ski rider dies after crash with boat near Englewood" No author given, Dec. 25, 2013

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