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December 2013 Archives

Kansas Tyson plant where worker lost arm hit with heavy fine

Pittsburg employers are required to carry insurance in case an employee is injured while on the job. State companies are permitted to self-insure or obtain workers' compensation coverage through a private insurance carrier. In most cases, employers are insulated from liability lawsuits over employee injuries or deaths.

Kansas resident's failed suicide kills couple and unborn baby

A wrongful death may happen accidentally or with intent. In either case, a Pittsburg civil court could rule a defendant is negligent and liable for damages. Compensation goes up when an act is intentional, the same way charges and penalties increase when a crime is committed for a malicious reason.

Chilling content in case against Kansas City provider's hospital

A Kansas City woman suspected by a former co-worker of administering lethal doses of drugs to nine hospital patients is not named in a civil suit against the facility where the respiratory therapist worked. However, the mysterious deaths occurred between February and May of 2002 and ended abruptly after the therapist's firing.

Driver blames stuck accelerator for Kansas City Starbucks crash

Last month, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a 2012 traffic accident overview. Kansas had 405 fatal accidents out of more than 32,470 lethal collisions nationwide. Alcohol-related fatalities made up about 24 percent of Kansas crashes and more than 30 percent of nationwide auto accidents.

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