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November 2013 Archives

Plant worker awarded $28 million from employer for lung damage

With the city's proximity to the border, it's not unusual for Pittsburg residents to cross the state line to go to work, and workers' compensation laws vary from state to state. Legal options and available benefits may change for Kansas residents who are injured on the job in a neighboring state.

Driver that killed Kansas pedestrian had 5 DWI convictions

The Kansas Department of Transportation reported 2,550 alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents in 2011, resulting in more than 1,540 injuries. Twenty-eight percent of all auto accident deaths in the state that year occurred during drunk driving accidents.

Kansas researchers designing car health sensors for diabetics

Certain medical issues can restrict a person's driving privileges. For example, a driver diagnosed with epilepsy may have to prove he or she has been seizure-free for a set time - in Kansas, it's six months - before driving is permitted. A state motor vehicle department also may require medical proof of health on a regular basis.

Kansas parents: Dentist's poor care led to daughter's death

A lot of Pittsburgh residents get nervous before a dental visit. That's why many dentists use conscious sedation, which is a practice of administering sedatives and painkillers to patients. Patients commonly remain awake and pain free during procedures.

Civil rights violations alleged in case against Kansas troopers

Juries in Pittsburg civil cases sometimes have sensitive issues to consider while deciding the outcome of a liability case. A reputation of public service accompanies a police officer into a courtroom, whether the law enforcer is a plaintiff or a defendant. The occupation may have everything to do with the individual's behavior and the verdict.

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