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Teens condemned for fleeing fatal Kansas City crash

Drivers involved in Pittsburg motor vehicle accidents are obligated to stay at the scene and provide "reasonable" aid to injured victims. The state law does not apply exclusively to drivers who cause accidents but to all drivers in a crash.

A recent fatal accident in Kansas City involving a group of teens was caught on videotape by a nearby resident's security camera. The video allegedly shows several teens fleeing from the horrific single-vehicle accident, without any concern for the two victims inside the SUV.

The Kansas law for leaving an accident scene describes what drivers are supposed to do following a collision. The statute doesn't specify whether passengers are held to the same legal standards.

The mother of a girl killed in the crash thinks the teens who abandoned her fatally injured daughter and a critically injured companion should be tried and punished. When the mother of the girl who died called the teen's best friend to find out where her daughter was, the girl apparently lied without mentioning the fatal car crash.

The parent's 14-year-old daughter was killed when the SUV, carrying a half dozen teens, flipped over on a blocked-off road. The boy behind the wheel was the same age, a juvenile charged with possessing a stolen vehicle. Wyandotte County prosecutors indicated more charges could be added, including leaving the crash scene.

None of the survivors who ran from the accident contacted authorities.

The scene of an injury collision can be shocking and chaotic, but that does not exclude a driver from responsibility. In most states, drivers are required to stop, contact police, help injured parties and exchange information. Failure to do so can result in fines and possible prison time.

A violation of the criminal law also adds proof of negligence, which can be used in a Kansas civil court to justify damages for victims of injury crashes.

Source:, "Mother of 14-year-old killed in wreck wants to know why friends left her" Laura McCallister and Sandra Olivas, Oct. 10, 2013

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