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Kansas driver causes bike fatality while trying to avoid car

Ask a Pittsburg resident with a motorcycle why they like to ride. "Freedom" is likely to be part of the answer. The attraction is having nothing barring the full sensations of the elements and the ride. The long stretches of open Kansas roads are ideal for the experience.

Motorcyclists are often the first to acknowledge dangers they face riding near large, enclosed vehicles. Even the wind whipping around cars and trucks affects motorcycle travel. Motorcyclists also take the brunt during injury accidents, when they are fortunate enough to survive a collision.

Butler County authorities reported the death of a Wichita motorcyclist recently in a crash near El Dorado. A man driving a car eastbound along U.S. 400 swerved to avoid a stopped vehicle turning in front of him. The car bounced off a post and pivoted back across the road into a westbound lane.

An approaching motorcycle hit the car. The 69-year-old bike rider, a pool shop owner, died after he was ejected into a ditch. Investigators ordered toxicology tests on the motor vehicle operators. Reports did not say whether the driver of the stopped vehicle could be blamed for the fatal motorcycle crash.

Charges are pending an outcome of the accident investigation.

Motorists sometimes operate in a mental bubble, as if everything going on outside their vehicles is slightly disconnected. Most drivers understand the importance of alertness and awareness, but not all drivers choose to remember safety rules.

Road scenery, music, cellphones and passengers all distract from the job at hand - paying attention to driving. A few seconds of diversion in a heavy, rapidly-moving vehicle can make all the difference between a close-call and a deadly collision.

Injured motorcyclists and families who've lost loved ones in violent accidents would give anything to the turn back the clock. Compensation from liability claims helps survivors cope with the future.

Source:, "Wichita businessman, 69, killed in Butler County motorcycle accident" Rick Plumlee, Sep. 23, 2013

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