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October 2013 Archives

Teens condemned for fleeing fatal Kansas City crash

Drivers involved in Pittsburg motor vehicle accidents are obligated to stay at the scene and provide "reasonable" aid to injured victims. The state law does not apply exclusively to drivers who cause accidents but to all drivers in a crash.

Former Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader dies in police chase crash

Law enforcement agencies have grown increasingly concerned about public safety during police pursuits. Many police departments restrict how high-speed chases are handled and order officers to abandon them when danger to motorists and pedestrians seems likely.

Jury finds Kansas utility 50 percent liable for roofer's death

A liability case involves at least two litigants - a defendant accused of purposely or negligently causing harm and a plaintiff directly or indirectly affected by the behavior. The claim must include proof of a financial hardship as a result of an injury or wrongful death.

Jury finds Kansas doctor liable for employee's poor care

Crawford County employees are covered by state-mandated workers' compensation insurance. Employers carry the coverage to avoid being taken to court over workplace injury accidents. Sometimes, an employee is harmed on the job by someone other than the employer. Many of those cases end up in Kansas civil courts.

Kansas driver causes bike fatality while trying to avoid car

Ask a Pittsburg resident with a motorcycle why they like to ride. "Freedom" is likely to be part of the answer. The attraction is having nothing barring the full sensations of the elements and the ride. The long stretches of open Kansas roads are ideal for the experience.

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