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September 2013 Archives

Traffic violation blamed for Kansas passenger's death

How do you comfort a motor vehicle accident victim or their families when injuries or deaths are caused by a preventable mistake? A Kansas driver's decision or indecision can lead to consequences that permanently injure or kill innocent people.

NTSB report: Fatal Kansas crash due to pilot and FAA errors

A law may not be broken when someone hesitates to prevent a safety hazard, but failure to correct the problem still can result in tragedy. The attitude of "that's good enough" isn't good enough simply because no rules are broken. Negligence includes knowing a dangerous situation might happen and doing nothing to prevent harm that might occur.

Kansas liability cases can advance without criminal charges

Evidence determines whether a motor vehicle accident investigation ends with criminal charges. The cause of a fatal accident revealed through survivor and witness interviews, chemical testing, crash reconstruction and wreckage inspection can clear or condemn drivers of wrongdoing.

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