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August 2013 Archives

Update: OSHA slams Kansas utility for fatal gas explosion

A relative's sudden injury or death in an accident sends families reeling. The shock is magnified when a family member dies or becomes injured on the job. Workers' compensation benefits provide some solace for victims and families, but legal action may be necessary to recover damages when a third-party is involved.

Kansas soldier's highway suicide attempt kills someone else

A Junction City man had already served nearly five years in the military by the time he was 22. Something was very wrong in the Kansas man's life, according to friends who told police the Fort Riley soldier was considering self-harm.

Complex laws govern Kansas governments' liability

Most governments once enjoyed full liability protection under sovereign immunity laws. Passage of the Kansas Tort Claims Act gave victims the chance to sue governments for negligence. Obstacles for success include an abundance of legal exceptions, time constraints and frustrating damage caps.

Report: BPU knew of downed line hours before Kansas City death

Violent thunderstorms crop up fast during Kansas City summers. Sometimes storms blow through without leaving more than a good drenching rain. Other times, flooding and wind damage wreak havoc on properties. That was the case in mid-June when a storm blew down a live power line in the Rosedale Park neighborhood.

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