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June 2013 Archives

Kansas doctor found negligent in stroke victim's diagnosis

A woman suffered a stroke in December 2007, one day after she consulted with a Wichita doctor about her medical condition. The patient's widowed 83-year-old husband and three children recently won a $1.2 million a medical malpractice lawsuit against the Kansas physician.

Family of Kansas City texting crash victim settles case

A defendant convicted of a Crawford County crime may or may not be punished with fines and imprisonment. A defendant in a liability lawsuit is held accountable for negligence by paying damages to a victim or a victim's family. Trials are avoided in criminal court with a guilty plea and in personal injury and wrongful death cases with a settlement.

Kansas City bus in fatality labeled "imminent hazard"

The Olathe bus was not safe with or without passengers. That's the conclusion of federal officials investigating last month's death of an Edwardsville woman in Kansas City, Missouri. The 26-year-old victim fell through the bus's back door onto Interstate 35 where she was struck repeatedly by vehicles in traffic.

Wrongful death claim added to suits over Kansas City blast

Accountability for a person's injury or death can spread beyond a single individual when tragedy occurs. When a Kansas civil court considers a liability case, judges and jurors establish whether negligence led to harm.

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