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May 2013 Archives

Teen drivers in Kansas most susceptible to crashes in summer

Summer's carefree days can be a joyous memory for teenagers. The freedom to socialize with friends minus school obligations is a three month treat. Insurance experts say summer is also the most hazardous time for teen drivers whose inexperience and immaturity can cause deadly auto accidents.

Wichita, Kansas officer faces two claims for crash liability

A Kansas police officer was involved in three on-duty traffic accidents in less than one year. The officer and the city of Wichita are now defendants in lawsuits for the wrongful death of a child and severe injuries suffered by an innocent driver caught in a police chase.

Kansas immigrant couple dies and nine hurt truck accident

A Kansas City pastor and his 36-year-old wife died recently in an early morning crash on Interstate 29. Reports said the van and truck accident occurred while the couple was accompanying a group of Burmese immigrants to jobs at Triumph Foods in St. Joseph, Missouri. The 42-year-old pastor was driving.

Kansas troopers concentrate on bus passenger's fall to death

The mother of a 5 1/2 -week-old baby was killed in a recent Kansas City accident when she fell from a rented bus. Among the witnesses to the fatal accident were 16 of the victim's friends who had rented a Ford Econoline bus for a Saturday night bachelorette party.

Ruling depletes availability of damages in wrongful death case

An insurance policy provision may prevent a mother from pursuing a legitimate claim for damages. A court’s decision in a nearby state came down to the meaning of three words. The ruling shows Kansas litigants that judges and juries often interpret language to the letter of the law.

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