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April 2013 Archives

2 Kansas motorcyclists, Fort Riley soldiers, hurt in crash

At what age does a person stop driving? Renewing a driver's license after age 65 may include taking a vision or written test. As long as state driving requirements are met, elderly people can drive as long as they wish, even into advanced old age.

Kansas woman pursues wrongful death claim for daughter's death

The daughter of a Kansas woman died in an out-of-state pedestrian accident last year. The mother filed a wrongful death complaint for the fatal crash near Aspen, Colorado, where the 29-year-old victim was struck and killed by a bus.

Five survive fatal Kansas crash near Fort Scott

Seven out-of-state residents including an 8-year-old girl were involved in a multivehicle traffic accident south of Kansas City. One driver was unhurt. Two people died in the recent auto accident. Four others were hospitalized with minor to serious injuries.

Airport sign collapses on Kansas family; three survive, one boy killed

A bizarre accident at a Southern airport forever changed the lives of a Kansas family. An Overland Park couple and their five children were returning from vacation when a flight update sign toppled onto them. Four members of the family were injured. The fatal accident killed a 10-year-old boy.

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