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March 2013 Archives

Kansas father of 3 dies in Wichita pileup over disabled bus

A Beechcraft employee lost his life on the way home from work when the vehicle he was driving was struck and shoved into a tractor trailer. Accident investigators said the midnight auto accident would never have happened if another driver had moved a disabled bus.

Lawsuit: Surgeons' negligence caused Clarence Clemons death

An audience may not associate a musician's performance with a worker doing a job. Fans concentrate on enjoying the music and not on whether the artist is suffering from repetitive stress injuries or some other malady.

Kansas children's wrongful death claims settles before trial

A Kansas father recently settled a civil dispute with his children over the death of his ex-wife. The siblings alleged their estranged father was part of a three-person conspiracy to kill the Horton mother of four. The brothers and sisters sought damages for wrongful death.

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