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Kansas collision injures four, including pregnant woman

The occupants of two cars were hospitalized after a mid-morning Kansas crash. Police reports suggest that the driver of one car may have misjudged the speed or distance of another vehicle before pulling into a Topeka intersection.

Local law enforcers said a Chrysler Concorde occupied by a lone, pregnant driver came to a stop at a posted stop sign. The woman then tried to make a turn onto a main road and was struck by a Toyota Camry. Auto accident investigators noticed skid marks that showed the Camry driver unsuccessfully tried to avoid the car collision.

Four people, including three victims in the Toyota, were transported by ambulance to a local medical center. Police said the pregnant woman had not been secured by a seat belt. Authorities also noted that the Concorde's airbags had not deployed.

Published reports did not gauge the severity of the victim's injuries, although both vehicles sustained substantial damage. No word of citations or charges was mentioned in reports. Investigators will have to rule out possibilities of wrongdoing before clearing the accident case.

A potential personal injury lawsuit does not depend upon whether one of the drivers is faulted by police. Juries in civil courts are charged with determining negligence, harm to another person with or without intent.

Negligence is based on what would be considered reasonable behavior. In other words, jurors must decide whether a defendant's actions followed what most prudent people would do in the same situation.

The brakes were applied by the Toyota driver. Was it because he was impaired, distracted or driving too fast? Braking would qualify as a reasonable response, but careless speeding, inattentiveness or impairment would be negligent acts. The pregnant driver might also be charged with negligence for operating her vehicle unsafely.

Victims of auto accidents may not know whether they have a legitimate personal injury claim until they speak with a qualified, experienced attorney.

Source:, "4 injured in 2-car crash at foot of bridge," Phil Anderson, Feb. 15, 2013

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