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December 2012 Archives

Grain engulfment deaths up on US farms reach alarming levels

Grain entrapment or engulfment on Kansas farms and in agricultural communities around the country has become common. According to recent university research, a record high of 51 grain accidents caused U.S. farm workers to be buried by fast-flowing grain in 2010. In those incidents, 26 people were killed in fatal accidents.

Judge grants summary judgment in Kansas wrongful death case

A defendant or other party in a civil action may request a summary judgment. Summary judgments are meant to keep courts from conducting unnecessary trials. When granted, a judge can bypass a jury and choose to dismiss negligence charges against a defendant based on lack of evidence.

The physical and economic costs of motorcycle crashes

The federal government has issued a new report that details the popularity of motorcycles in the U.S. and the economic price tag for traffic accidents involving them. Motorcycle accident data from 2010 and vehicle sales figures for 2010 and 2011 were examined in the Government Accountability Office study.

Respected rowing medalist dies in Wichita pedestrian crash

A breast cancer survivor and rowing champion was struck down and killed in Wichita's Sedgwick County. The 52-year-old woman, her husband and pet dog were walking along a gravel road when the accident occurred. The man survived. His wife and their Labrador retriever died at the scene.

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