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November 2012 Archives

Police: Cellphones may have caused huge spike in rollovers

Investigators use several ways to gauge whether a traffic crash was caused by distracted driving. Kansas police may confiscate a cellphone or other electronic device following an auto accident and examine its contents and time stamps. Sometimes officials cannot connect a distraction with a collision unless one of the victims or vehicle occupants admits to it.

Baby's death in day care prompts Wichita wrongful death suit

The owner of a day care facility in Wichita is being sued by the parents of a boy who died while in the facility's care. The wrongful death complaint alleges the child care provider ignored the parents' instructions to keep the 5-month-old baby from sleeping face down in a soft bed.

Kansas pedestrian fatality traced to van; no arrests

In a recent incident, a 35-year-old Overland Park woman was killed by a van. However, no one witnessed the accident. Witnesses heard a scream, saw the woman lying in the street and apparently spotted a vehicle headed down the road, away from the alleged hit and run auto accident.

Kansas teens' lives saved by seat belts, graduated licensing

Kansas transportation officials believe there are two reasons linked to fewer motor vehicle accidents -- the two-year-old graduated drivers' licensing program and a concerted effort to get teens to buckle up.

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