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Witnesses tell police Topeka driver ran red light

A midday accident on U.S.-24 in Topeka may be the fault of a driver who tried and failed to beat a red light. That's what witnesses implied when speaking with police about the recent three-car auto accident.

One of three drivers involved was injured, after a Chevrolet Impala collided with a Pontiac Grand Prix at the North Kansas Avenue intersection. A third vehicle, a Saturn stopped at a red light, was struck by one of the two cars involved in the initial car accident.

The accident victim who was hospitalized was the driver of the Pontiac, which car observers said was struck as it moved westbound on a green light. Witnesses believe the Impala driver attempted to run a red light.

The medical condition of the injured driver was not reported to be life-threatening. The Chevy Impala driver was unhurt. The Saturn operator also was uninjured.

Reports indicated the elderly Saturn driver had been involved in three accidents within the past year. None of the earlier crashes was reportedly the driver in this accident's fault.

A traffic violation as simple as running a red light can have injurious or deadly consequences. A Kansas driver who ignores traffic laws and causes an accident can be cited from criminal wrongdoing and be held responsible for any damages caused in the crash.

A liability or wrongful death suit is separate from a criminal action and is filed in a civil court. A driver does not necessarily have to be charged with a crime or convicted of one to be named as a defendant in a personal injury lawsuit.

Victims who can show that another driver was negligent because of alcohol, drugs, distractions or other careless behaviors may be awarded a financial settlement in a court of law. Additionally, victims or their survivors may ask a court to compensate them for not only physical damages but also the emotional fallout after a crash.

Source:, "One injured in 3-car crash in North Topeka," Phil Anderson, Sept. 27, 2012

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