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Kansas City school bus crash injures 4, including 2 students

Police in Kansas City are trying to unravel the cause of a crash involving a busload of middle school students. Two students suffered minor injuries when a car rammed into the side of an activities bus as it was making a turn. The impact of the auto accident shoved the school vehicle into a head-on collision with a minivan.

Three people were inside the minivan, including a female driver and her grandson in the rear of the vehicle. Neither was injured although a male, front-seat passenger said he felt pain in his chest and neck. Despite the passenger's injuries, the man raced to help victims in other vehicles.

The car's driver, blamed for causing the accident, was critically injured and his vehicle ignited on impact. The school bus driver, who had already evacuated nearly 20 students from the bus, used an onboard fire extinguisher to put out the blaze. At the same time, the injured minivan passenger worked to drag the most seriously injured person -- the car's driver -- to safety. Paramedics transported four victims to a nearby hospital, including the passenger who performed the rescue.

Investigators must learn what caused the car driver to crash into the bus. Preliminary reports offered no police insight about the accident.

Any number of possibilities might have triggered the accident. The car driver may have been stricken by a medical problem. He could have tried to run a red light. Investigators may look for evidence that the driver was distracted, possibly by a cellphone, or intoxicated by drugs or alcohol.

The accident victim with the most catastrophic injuries could face criminal charges and liability lawsuits. The remaining victims or their parents may choose to seek compensation for damages through personal injury actions.

The possibility also exists that more victims will come forward. Other children on the bus might develop late symptoms for conditions caused by the accident, which might make them eligible plaintiffs in a negligence suit.

Source:, "2 students, 2 adults injured in KCK school bus crash," Syed Shabbir, Oct. 11, 2012

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