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October 2012 Archives

Kansas high court retains 1988 damage caps

Two Kansas Supreme Court justices opposed a recent state high court ruling that leaves a controversial law unchanged. The decision affects the amount of damages Kansas medical malpractice victims receive for pain and suffering, considered to be a "non-economic" loss.

Kansas City school bus crash injures 4, including 2 students

Police in Kansas City are trying to unravel the cause of a crash involving a busload of middle school students. Two students suffered minor injuries when a car rammed into the side of an activities bus as it was making a turn. The impact of the auto accident shoved the school vehicle into a head-on collision with a minivan.

Kansas cop wants Segway, retailer to take accident blame

A police officer was hurt two years ago when he fell from a Segway scooter while on the job at the Kansas State Fair. The Hutchinson crash took place during the mid-September event as the officer was en route to a reported emergency.

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