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September 2012 Archives

Driver in Kansas DUI fatality given probation, no jail time

A complicated criminal case was resolved after the Kansas defendant entered a plea of no contest for a drunk-driving crash. The elementary school teacher was accused of misdemeanor DUI, which legal experts said was usually a felony offense with alcohol-related fatalities.

Kansas City tow truck driver killed on the job

A Kansas City teenager died while trying to help out a motorist with a flat tire. The 18-year-old, a towing company employee, was dispatched to the scene of a disabled vehicle on Interstate 35. The young man was killed in an auto accident by a passing motorist.

Kansas explosion sparks multiple wrongful death claims

A Kansas City grain company was not faulted by a state fire marshal's office for an explosion that killed four employees and two work inspectors. However, federal officials from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the families of the men who died are less forgiving for the fatal accident.

Distracted Kansas biker crashes into poker run pack

Two slightly different perspectives of a crash during a scheduled Republic County, Kansas, poker run pointed to an at-fault motorcycle operator. The mother of one of the people hospitalized in the injury accident and a county sheriff's deputy agreed the motorcyclist wasn't attentive to the surrounding traffic conditions.

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