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Injuries appeared minor in Kansas school bus crash

A Kansas school bus was involved in a crash during a routine morning run on the way to an elementary school. Police in North Topeka said the driver of the bus was responsible for the auto accident. None of the 20 children on board the bus appeared to be seriously hurt.

According to the investigation, the Durham School Services bus cut off a car as the school vehicle was turning from a street marked by stop signs. Police said the car was moving through the intersection legally.

The car, a Mercury Grand Marquis, collided with the school bus along the rear of the driver's side. The car driver suffered no apparent injuries.

The Scott Computer Technology Magnet School students did not appear to be seriously injured. Investigators noted where each of the children were sitting on the bus at the time of the accident.

Paramedics took a look at two children with minor injuries before the students were transported by another bus to the elementary school. Seven other students sought treatment at the school nurse's office.

Topeka school officials reported that the children's parents were immediately notified of the crash. None of the children were hospitalized. One child was dismissed from school to be evaluated by a family physician.

An evaluation by paramedics seemed to indicate that none of the children or drivers were seriously hurt. Superficial bumps, cuts and bruises and soreness are common minor injuries discovered and treated at the scene of car accidents.

One student out of 20 was evaluated by a physician following the crash. The car driver appeared fine. Only a doctor's examination might be able to tell whether a victim suffered a concussion or internal injuries.

Injuries that went undetected at the accident scene may surface later, creating health problems and medical bills for the victims and parents. Victims would have the legal option and the right to recover damages for harm caused by the bus driver's negligence.

Source:, "Students evaluated for possible injuries after school bus-car collision," Phil Anderson, Aug. 22, 2012

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